IQNITER is a unique All-In-One Group Training solution. We call it All-In-one because IQNITER really  is a complete solution with tools for:

  • Members
  • Instructors
  • Clubs

You can use it in multiple zones (biking, running, rowing, strength, etc.), create your own class sessions or choose from 100’s of Smart Sessions, configure your own leaderboard and so much more.

With members connected to IQNITER your instructors will be able to guide each participant individually both under and after the class.

It is flexible, on the edge and most of all gives you happy members and instructors.

You get a solution that:

  • Motivates, entertain and creates results for members
  • Creates more loyal members = higher retention
  • The instructor coach each participant individually in the group training
  • Can be used in all group training zones (biking, running, strength, etc.)
  • Connects with both heart rate belts and equipment
  • Is easy to install and maintain
  • Includes DesiQner - a tool for the instructors to create fun and motivational classes
  • Instructors can choose to create their own programs or choose from 100’s of Smart sessions
  • Includes videos and music to create more fun classes
  • Easy configurable leaderboard to show each participants performance
  • Shows the participants where they are in the programme

IQNITER All-In-One solution is very flexible:

  • Can be configured basically as you like.
  • The leaderboard can be configured in a number of ways.
  • Show up to 5 numbers per participant (heart rate, watt, % of max performance, cadence, calories burned).
  • Choose the colors and choose between different layout of the tiles.
  • Include your own music in the session or integrate with Spotify
  • Make a more “nature real” experience for your athletes by including videos on the leaderboard, e.g. why not include a Alpe d’Huez stage or create a Coldplay session where you play Coldplay music and show Coldplay music videos?