Why does heart rate drop out periodically (Blocked Firewall rules)

During installation and update of iQniter Cardio Training, it is important to ‘Allow access’ to the iQniter Cardio Training application in the Advanced Firewall settings.

During installation and update, the user is prompted for this setting. Remember to check all available networks in the prompt.

Otherwise, go to Advanced Firewall Settings/’Inbound Rules’, delete all blocked rules named iQniter and restart iQniter Cardio Training.

Enable/Disable iQniter Pre- and Post-Session video

In AdmiQ, goto the Settings/Cardio Training tab, where you can enable and disable the iQniter pre- and post-session videos.

  1. Select Level of Control = ‘Club’.
  2. Turn on the settings for iQniter Pre-Session Video and iQniter Post-Session Video.
  3. To enable the videos: Uncheck the value for these settings, or
    To disable the videos: Check the value for these settings.

When the settings has been changed, remember also to ‘Reset Settings’ in the Cardio Training program.

These settings show disabled videos.