Change Note for License Agreement 1.2 - 25-11-2018  

The section has been added to” Personal Data”:

The Licensee is generally obligated to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) when processing End-User's (meaning the person using the iQniter products and services) personal data. Further, the Licensee is subject to a duty of confidentiality meaning that the Licensee and its employees may not disclose the personal data of the End-Users to anyone else than the Licensee's data processors. In addition, the Licensee may only use the personal data of the End-Users to provide the Licensee's fitness services to the specific End-User. Consequently, the License may not use the personal data of the End-User to market their own services or to sell or otherwise disclose the personal data to third parties. When the agreement with iQniter terminates the Licensee is obligated to delete any and all personal data that the Licensee has received on the End-User immediately.


Please find the full version here: License Agreement


Changes version 1.2, 25 November 2018