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Train at home with IQNITER

Why heart rate training?

This quote from "The Little Prince" is a classic favourite.

The truth in this quote is also the foundation of IQNITER. We have build our training platform around heart rate as it is the best human measurement of how hard we exercise in our workout.

By tracking your heart rate and hold it against our training profile we can guide you in how well you perform. If you train too hard we will tell you to slow down and if you train too little we will tell you to increase intensity.

All based on your heart rate - because "it is only with the heart that on can see rightly".

Train efficient at home

With IQNITERs mobile app you can train at home whenever it suits you. You choose from 100's of workouts prepared by leading spinning instructors. Whatever the purpose of your training you will find a profile that suits you. It's created with simplicity in mind.

IQNITER is originally developed as a group training platform in fitness clubs and has been used in over 400 gyms over the world. Now we have taken all the experiences and developed IQNITER APP!

The training platform is based on heart rate which helps you stay within your limits. IQNITER both challenges and coaches you in your training based on your individual purpose and helps you to train optimally and reach your goals without getting injuries.

Get started - download the app and iqnite your training.

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Get started

After you have downloaded the IQNITER APP you need to login in with your my.iqniter profile.

If you haven't yet created an IQNITER account you can do it now on

Type in your user name and password in the app and...

You are set to go!

Get your settings right

Before your start to exercise it's important to get your settings right.

We need your basic data such as your weight, height and age. Based on these information we will be able to calculate e.g. a estimated HRmax, BMI and calories burned (future option).

We also want to connect your heart rate wearable (belt or watch) to the app so we can track your heart rate. This is fundamental in the app as the heart rate indicates how hard you work out and helps us guide you in the right direction.

If you love to listen to music then you will love this feature. Connect your Spotify account to the app and you will be able to listen to the music selected to the exact session chosen by the instructor.

Select your session

We have created 100's of workouts. So which one is the right for you?

With our session filter it's easy to get an overview of which sessions fits you:

You choose what the purpose or target is with your training

  1. Loose Weight
  2. Cardio Training
  3. Get Strong (muscles)
  4. Get Fit (contain blocks from each of the above)

Then you choose your level  (what is your current level).

And finally you choose duration (how much time do you have available).

Each workout has a description and image of the pulse profile you will get in the session.

When you have decided which session simply just push the Start button and you are ready to go.

Choice your session

Based on your selections you will get a list of sessions that fits you. You can use the Search option to minimize the options - this could be if there is a specific instructor you want to use.

You can see a description of each session, including the Heart rate profile or you can simply just click Start and get started.

Have fun:-)

Become a champ

The arrow in the hygrometer shows you how good you perform. If you loose intensity the arrow will drop and instruct you to increase intensity and if the intensity is too high the app will instruct you to slow down.

This is all based on your heart rate which is the best human indicator to show you how good you perform as it reacts within seconds to change in intensity. And combined with your training purpose and current level.

The longer you stay in the green zone in the hygrometer the more efficient is your training. You are even rewarded with Qpoint which allow you to track your improvements in a competitive and motivating way.

See your history

Analyze your data and share it with friends.

All your sessions are stored in the cloud and you can access them in both the app and at

See each session and analyze your performance - duration, heart rate, Qpoints and time in each zone.

Knowledge is key to improve your performance.