IQNITER is a complete group training system for optimizing your training in your fitness clubs.

Data (heart rate, watt, distance, etc.) are transmitted via a receiver to iQniter Studio apps BiQing or Basic and data are broadcasted to the leaderboard and saved and shown in afterwards.

Please see below how the system is working:

The IQNITER Studio solution

The IQNITER Studio solution consists of the following elements:


The system where the instructors run their session through is the BiQing or Basic software.

This software is licensed from IQNITER and installed on a computer in the class room.

The instructor present the leaderboard on a big screen and the instructor have the same presentation on the computer plus possibility to switch between a number of settings.


Our receiver is installed and configured by our service team.

It allows IQNITER to connect and collect data from each participant to the system and display their performance on the leaderboard and after the session in that is an online tool for the members (see below). is a online tool where members can track their performance over time and track their improvements.

The tool contains graphs and stats and allow members to connect with friends and members to share their data.


DesiQner is a tool for instructors where they create their sessions.

The instructor can create their own workouts including videos and music that are displayed and played under the training session.

Or they can choose from 100’s of workouts created by instructors around the world. This feature is especially good for instructors who are new in “the game”.

IQNITER works on both PC and Mac.



AdmiQ is the administrative part of the IQNITER system where clubs can manage their members, change overall settings in Basic+/BiQing and see and resend members data.

You can register or edit members belts and manage various settings, set up advertisements shown on the leaderboard and much more.

IQNITER Smart Sensor

Get Connected, Get Motivated, Get Results!

With a IQNITER Smart Sensor you connect to Basic+/BiQing and will see your results on the leaderboard.

This motivates you to perform more accurate and better. And that improves your results.

The IQNITER Smart Sensor is an extended version of the Suunto Smart Sensor especially for use in group training studios equipped with IQNITER Studio.

Like the Suunto Smart Sensor, the IQNITER Smart Sensor can also be used together with Suunto watches, Suunto Movescount App or Bluetooth Smart Phone Apps.

The IQNITER Smart Sensor comes with a soft, comfortable HR Smart Sensor belt.